Wendy BraunAccomplished actress Wendy Braun has built a dynamic career as a versatile performer shining in roles in both film and television. TV.com declared, “A stand-out among the recurring cast is Wendy Braun,” for her hilarious portrayal as the uptight but well-intentioned Kathy, for four seasons of the celebrated original Netflix series, Atypical, opposite Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapaport.

Her comedic portrayal on the hit series (as the uptight but well-intentioned autism parent support group leader) has earned Braun For Your Emmy® Consideration status as “Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series.”

Braun has also recently enjoyed working alongside several comedy superstars, in the feature film, The Clapper (with Tracy Morgan + Ed Helms), the IFC hit Documentary Now (with Fred Armisen + BIll Hader) and in the FX’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (with Danny DeVito).

Her extensive resume also includes guest-starring performances on hit series such as The Mentalist,  Bones, Criminal Minds, Henry Danger,  Navy NCIS, Castle, Harry’s Law, Faking It, Men Of A Certain Age, Bent, and All of Us.

Braun has also enjoyed recurring roles on several long-running series including iCarly and General Hospital, where her stand-out performance as the officious hospital administrator, Ms. Iris Sneed, garnered her a contract role on the spin-off series, General Hospital: Night Shift.

She has been directed by Hollywood’s best, from Ivan Reitman to Will Smith and has appeared alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names in films such as A Perfect Getaway with Timothy Olyphant, Big Momma’s House 2 alongside Martin Lawrence, as well as opposite Zach Levi in the indie hit, Shades of Ray.

From the idyllic suburb of Northbrook, Illinois, Braun began acting at age 12 as The Scarecrow in The Wiz. Her mother was the famed Miss Beverly, host of the children’s classic television show Romper Room and her father was a Navy pilot.  They both encouraged Wendy’s love of performing.

Shortly after graduating from Indiana University and moving to Los Angeles, Wendy became a recognizable face, after being offered a 26-spot national commercial campaign for Mervyn’s, which showcased her unique comedic timing, improv talent and personal charisma.

She has since returned to the Chicago stage to star in The Vagina Monologues at The Apollo Theatre, as well as perform stand-up comedy at Zanie’s in Chicago. Braun has also performed stand-up at Los Angeles’ prestigious The Improv + The Comedy Store.

As a highly sought-after voice-over talent with over 1000 voice-over credits, Braun recently plays the sexy, snarky undercover agent, Gianna Parasini in the hugely popular video game series, Mass Effect.

Up next, she guest stars alongside SNL alum Bobby Moynihan on the Cartoon Network’s animated hit comedy series, We Bare Bears.

Wendy currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys balancing career, family and marriage with her husband, actor, Josh Coxx, and their two young + exuberantly active sons.

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For Your Emmy® Consideration

“A standout among the recurring cast of Atypical is actress Wendy Braun.”

– TV.com

What Directors Are Saying

Wendy Braun is funny. Like so funny she sometimes makes you risk getting to lunch late because you keep shooting take after take of her incredibly subtle, and varied, hilarity.

Heath Cullens
Director/ It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Wendy is such a pleasure to work with – incredibly natural and authentic, on screen and off. So prepared, yet makes it all look so effortless.

Ben Shelton
Writer / Director

Wendy is an actor who will come in and deliver a performance that is always inspired, natural and goes beyond expectation. She has an elusive, likable quality that is always great to find in a lead.

Allen Martinez
Director/ Producer

“I’ve always felt inspired to use what I’ve learned on my journey to give back and help others.”

– Wendy Braun
CEO/Founder of ActorInspiration.com

Wendy Braun in Pink

Combining her decades of invaluable on-set experience with her passion for inspiring others, Wendy Braun founded ActorInspiration.com, a top resource dedicated to providing practical + empowering tools to help actors make quantum leaps in their careers, while radically improving their lives.

Through Wendy’s transformational Success Breakthrough Workshop, uplifting monthly mindset Spotlight club +unique guided meditation/visualization albums + audios she’s helped countless actors worldwide to overcome obstacles + create lasting success, some of whom are now Emmy nominees, Broadway performers + Series Regulars on hit TV shows.

As an inspirational leader, Braun is referred to as, “a positive and uplifting force in the industry,” while casting directors have declared her teachings “an invaluable guide for the working actor’s daily life.”

Currently, Braun is featured monthly as an inspirational guest expert for top online publications, including Backstage, Ms. In The Biz and Now Casting’s Actor’s Ink Magazine. She’s also been a featured industry expert in The Thriving Artists’ Circle, The Think Bigger Summit and The Actor’s Green Room.

Braun has been invited as a guest speaker on cultivating a success mindset and overcoming fears and performance anxiety for top acting programs in the country, including Chicago’s Columbia College, AMAW (Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop) and Orange County School of the Arts.

Braun gives away a free guided visualization audio mp3, “Success In The Audition Room,”  to help listeners turn fear + doubt into confidence + ease in less than 5 minutes.

Download it here for FREE.

Braun also donates a portion of her ActorInspiration.com proceeds to The Facing Forward Foundation, a charity which provides children who are born with severe facial deformities receive the medical care and services they need.

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“It has been so rewarding and fulfilling to watch other actors thrive after using my tools and teachings. I get teary-eyed on a weekly basis reading emails and posts from actors all over the world.”

Wendy Braun

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