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Wendy Braun is funny. Like so funny she sometimes makes you risk getting to lunch late because you keep shooting take after take of her incredibly subtle, and varied, hilarity.

Heath Cullens
Director/ It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Wendy is such a pleasure to work with – incredibly natural and authentic, on screen and off. So prepared, yet makes it all look so effortless.

Ben Shelton
Writer / Director

Wendy is an actor who will come in and deliver a performance that is always inspired, natural and goes beyond expectation. She has an elusive, likable quality that is always great to find in a lead.

Allen Martinez
Director/ Producer

“Wendy Braun is breathtaking in person. Tall, graceful, beautiful and genuinely nice. She’s the kind of person you hope will dethrone the haughty exclusive ones at the top, but clearly it’s the last thing on her mind. She just enjoys working. And work she is getting…”

– Buzzine Magazine

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