I had the privilege of being the guest of honor and guest speaker at a charity event, back in my hometown of Northbrook, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. (Basically where all the John Hughes movies were filmed.)
They asked me to talk about how I went from performing in the musicals, plays, variety shows + choirs at Glenbrook South High School to becoming an established actress in Hollywood.

The more I thought about my journey from performing back high school to now having over 75 tv + film credits, I realized that the running theme along the way, was that I simply…kept going.

I kept going in the face of obstacles.
I kept in the face of uncertainty.
I kept doing the things that scared me the most.

Ultimately, my success has come from mastering the fine art of dealing with failure, rejection + disappointment.

I wrote a whole post about it here on my ActorInspiration Blog.

To be able to go to my hometown, support the arts, and inspire the next generation of artists was truly unforgettable.

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