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One of Access Hollywood’s #HotPicks feature film, “Break" One of Access Hollywood’s #HotPicks is the feature film, Break, and I’m thrilled to have a beautiful supporting role in the film, in theaters now. Join me as I walk the red carpet, do press interviews, do the  Q+A panel and attend the after party! Here’s a behind-the-scenes sneak peek inside the amazing premiere of the film, BREAK.     Click the video for an 11 second sneak peek… WALKING THE RED CARPET: Always fun to play a gritty, raw and real character, and then “glam it up” for the premiere   Click the video below for some red-carpet fun in action…  PRESS INTERVIEWS: I always love talking to the press, and sharing stories to inspire other creatives to dream big. ...

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Wendy Braun featured in Forbes

Love sharing how powerful it can be to state and clarify your vision... When ringing phones were attached permanently to the wall, most people would walk, even run over, to answer them. But Wendy Braun’s mother always delighted in sharing how her young daughter, in full performance mode, would dance across the kitchen to answer. “For as long as I can remember my passion for performing has been part of who I am,” says Braun who is in her 4th season playing Kathy on the Netflix hit comedy, Atypical. Over and over, performing nurtured Braun, providing what she needed. At 13 when she was 5’10” and feeling like a fish out of water, she was cast as The Scarecrow in The Wiz. ...

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Starring in Donny’s Bar Mitzvah image

Wendy Braun starring in Donny’s Bar Mitzvah

Thrilled to be doing comedies on both AppleTV and Netflix…. Accomplished actress Wendy Braun delivers big laughs as the ultimate uptight Jewish mother ‘Sherryl’ in the new raucous comedy feature film DONNY’S BAR MITZVAH, premiering March 23, 2021 on AppleTV and Amazon Prime. Just announced, Braun is heading back to Netflix, recurring as ‘Kathy’, for the final season of the acclaimed original series, ATYPICAL. Set in 1998, DONNY’S BAR MITZVAH showcases the highly dysfunctional family surrounding 13-year-old Donny at his Bar Mitzvah as seen through the lens of a hired videographer. Donny’s self-absorbed, scowling, neurotic mother Sherryl (Braun) only enflames the chaos as he tries to make his entrance into manhood during what turns out to be a wildly inappropriate, surreal ...

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Feature story in Shoutout LA image

Loved sharing my success secrets (and favorite L.A. spots) with Shoutout LA...   We had the good fortune of connecting with Wendy Braun and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Wendy, what is the most important factor behind your success? I think my success as an actress has definitely come from mastering the fine art of dealing with rejection, frustration + failure. Whether you’re an actor or an entrepreneur, learning how to handle all of that without letting it devastate you, define you or defeat you is what ultimately determines your success. The more I was told “no,” the more I found ways to tell myself “yes,” and to just keep going. As the owner and the founder of, I think what ...

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Featured in Variety image

Thank you to Variety for featuring me (alongside Arianna Huffington) in their ongoing series…. I’ve come to realize that there’s no “right” way to get through a global pandemic, and that doing anything you can to help serve others (no matter how big or small) has a ripple effect way beyond you. When a friend told me, “Right now, meditation feels like worrying with my eyes closed,” I knew I wanted to help people take the guesswork (and worry) out of meditation + find some peace amidst all of the panic. So I’m thankful that in creating my guided meditation audio “Easing Anxiety + Improving Well=Being” not only helped other actors, but has also reached frontline nurses, homeschooling parents, and even children. I’m ...

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